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Commercio FAQ

What does Commercio cost?
Commercio has a subscription fee of $199/month plus $99/month for each CompanyStore. Your subscription fee includes unlimited PopUpShops, so you don’t have to hold back when the need arises! Thanks to the set pricing, you’ll know exactly what to budget for with Commercio. There are also zero hidden fees,unlike other companies.

With our special introductory offer, it’s a great time to let Commercio handle your online stores!

How do PopUpShops compare to CompanyStores?
The two have differing features because PopUpShops serve a focused purpose: to give you a feature-rich platform for specific, temporary ecommerce needs, like fundraising or redemption sites. CompanyStores provides everything you need for a more permanent ecommerce solution.

Check out the chart to see the difference:


  • Custom color options & logoed storefronts
  • Private store access control
  • Custom checkout 
  • Order collection
  • Order management 
  • Reporting and exporting dashboards
  • Tax integration (TaxJar)
  • Payment integration (Payflow Pro)
  • Donation and gifting sites
  • Limited time stores

Company Stores

  • Custom color options & logoed storefronts
  • Private store access control
  • Custom checkout 
  • Order collection
  • Order management  
  • Reporting and exporting dashboards
  • Tax integration (TaxJar)
  • Payment integration (Payflow Pro)
  • Advanced store design tools
  • Custom emails
  • Custom payment methods
  • Inventory management
  • Product catalog
  • Product categories
  • Pricing and product groups
  • Supplier management
  • Customer management
  • Points Programs

Is Commercio integrated with Syncore? 
While Commercio is not yet integrated with Syncore, it IS on the horizon! Later this year that integration will surely save you and your team a lot of time. If you’re already using Commercio, you’ll be able to really hit the ground running when the integration launches.

What shipping options does Commercio support?
Commercio lets you set shipping costs per order or per product, whichever makes the most sense for your clients.

What are the custom payment options?
In CompanyStores, you can accept any combination of promo/coupon codes, points With Commercio you have the capability to use promo codes, coupon codes, points (budget), purchase orders, order collection or credit card – practically whatever you need for a dynamic shopping experience.

Does Commercio support user groups for pricing, products and payments?
Yes, in CompanyStores, you can set visibility levels for different users or customer groups based on pricing, products and payment types accepted. The correct audience will see what they need to see, and you don’t have to worry about introducing unnecessary confusion into the buying process.

What will my URL look like?
Commercio offers white-label domains and customizable subdomains (the extension at the end of the URL). Example: Your client’s domain will reflect their company, so they can show off their branded store with pride.

Does Commercio support inventory management?
CompanyStores support inventory management. With the option to display in-stock quantity, set threshold notifications and update inventory levels, Commercio informs end users about items that are low in stock so they can act soon. You can also allow backorders and enable customer notifications once an item is back in stock. For in-demand products, this feature keeps products top of mind and end users informed!

What does Commercio use for payment gateway and tax calculation?
Commercio uses Payflow Pro as the payment gateway and TaxJar for tax calculations.

Can I import data into CompanyStores?
Yes! You can import product information to quickly populate the store. It’s part of what makes Commercio a fast and easy online solution.