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Order Shipping has shipped!

Get into V2 to see how this brand new tool will revolutionize your workflow and give you back more time every single day. Now that Order Shipping is live, Check Status is complete, not to mention the ENTIRE CSR Toolkit in V2.

Here’s how Order Shipping will save you time:

  • You’ll have immediate access to the full shipping details like tracking numbers, box dimensions, product details, and supplier quantities. 
  • With participating suppliers, that’s one less phone call, email or site you have to visit just to stay updated with your orders. Not to mention the time spent waiting for responses!   
  • Copying tracking numbers is a whole lot easier! No need for manual highlighting, because with your order volume every second counts

Here’s what your fellow CSR has to say!

“At a quick glance I am able to tell the status of each order, making it easier to look after so many more orders at one time.” – Cathy Clutterbuck, Customer Service Representative, Promotional Elements, Inc.

Check out our resources to get up to speed with these exciting changes:  

You can also find all these resources in Resources > Knowledge Base > CSR > Check Status

Upcoming Webinars

Checking in with Check Status

Want to know how to get started with the new Order Shipping feature? We have your back! Join us on April 12, 2022 at 12:30 p.m. CT. We’ll show you the full Check Status, including Order Status and now Order Shipping!

The Complete CSR V2 Toolkit

On April 14, 2022 at 12:30 p.m. CT, our expert trainers will show you The Complete CSR V2 Toolkit and how you can best use it to save valuable time.

Check out our past releases.

Optimized Order Status Tool in Syncore V2!

The same features you know and love, but better.

The Order Status tool saves you precious time. And we all know what we could do with more time in a day… With the Order Status Tool, you don’t have to make an extra phone call or send yet another email to check on your order.

The same functionality that made Order Status a fan favorite is still there, but now you can follow-up with multiple POs on a job quickly and easily in Syncore V2. You can now use the tool for all drop ship and corporate jobs with our participating Preferred Suppliers.

You’re only ever three clicks away from finding out the Order Status! And the tools you need to check on valuable status updates are all in one place, making the entire process much more streamlined.

But wait a minute! Before you check on your POs, we don’t want you going in blind. Since we can’t be there to explain the Order Status’ makeover in person, we gave you the next best thing: resources with tips and tricks to get you up to speed.

Resources > Knowledge Base > CSR > Check Status.

Order Status is just the latest way we’re innovating for you—giving you back TIME & CLICKS!

New CSR Emails

They’re your customers…time to use YOUR voice.

We’re launching not one…not two… but THREE additional emails to make your job easier! The new Shipping, General and Acknowledgement emails give you the capability to customize to your brand voice and communication style! So go ahead, set that subject line and tweak the body of the email – whatever it takes to deliver your message in your voice! Even better: you can send these emails from the job page or the follow-ups page, saving you TIME & CLICKS!

The reviews are in…our New CSR Emails are a hit!
“I like how smooth and professional the emails look. I like that I have the option to preview the email, that way I can go back and change things if I need to.” – Jesse Dendekker, PromoPlace

Ready to get started?  

  • Click HERE for the User Guides
  • Click HERE for Settings information (for Finance, Management and Admin users)
  • All resources can always be found in Syncore at Resources > Knowledge Base > CSR > Emails

Additional Addresses

They’re your customers…time to use YOUR voice.

Because business happens in more than one place.

With Additional Addresses, you now have the capability to store multiple addresses under each contact – making your job a whole lot easier!  You’ll have instant access to the address you need, when you need it most!

Create, edit and delete additional addresses as needed? NO PROBLEM.
Pull any address into your quotes, sales orders and purchase orders? PIECE OF CAKE.
Save satellite, warehouse and other addresses for each contact? BRING IT ON.

Ready to get started?  

  • Click HERE for the Additional Address User Guide
    • All resources can always be found in Syncore at Resources > Sales > Contacts

Purchase Orders

  • Create a PO from the SO page
  • Add, re-order, delete and edit line items
  • Adjust taxes and set the PO to Approved
  • Duplicate a PO from the Job or PO page
  • Preview the PO PDF from the PO page Email the PO to the Supplier

Click HERE for the User Guide

Job Follow Ups

  • Less clicks and less pop-ups!
  • Search filters and results now show on the same page (you no longer have to jump back to the search page to change a filter)
  • Overall stats are visible at the top of the page rather than scrolling to the bottom. Clicking the colored tags in the Statistics section will filter job follow-ups.
  • Easily change the filter follow-up date by clicking the calendar or the back-and-forth arrows
  • The results by default are sorted by Priority and then by Estimated Delivery Date
  • Expand each job section to see the job follow-up details (previously known in V1 as job tracking). Now they will all show within the same page, without losing track of pop-ups, or forgetting to close or refresh the tracking pop-up.

Click HERE for the User Guide

Job Charges

  • View, add and remove art charges
  • View, add and remove misc. charges

Click HERE for the User Guide

Release Notes


  • An issue was fixed where the font in the V2 Purchase Order PDF was being cut off in some cases.


  • V1 Vendor Lookup now allows to search for multiple PO status.
  • Various bug fixes and security updates included.


  • Fixed an issue when duplicating Sales Orders in V1 with a discount line item would sometimes not calculate taxes correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where system used to throw an error when clicking on an SO in V2.
  • Fixed the issue with incorrect search results when running a check run and searching POs by discount due date.
  • Fixed the issue where A/P Month End General Journal Entry #1 was not breaking out the purchases by job type under the debits column.
  • For US Syncore only, the V1 Sales Journal Sub-State Report now displays the “Exempt” column to all the partners. This can be found under Finance > Sales Journal > Select type “Sales Tax Breakdown” and select the state’s link at the bottom. The “Exempt” column will now be displayed to all the users.


A new report is now available in Syncore (V2) called Purchases. This can be found under Reports > Finance > Purchases. From this report, Purchase Orders can be searched by the Supplier Invoice Date or by the Purchase Order Date. You can now search for Purchase Orders one Supplier at a time.


  • Fixed the issue in the V1 Tracking page where the “Issue” was not showing for “Needs Tracking”, “In Production”, “Artwork” and “Waiting”.
  • Fixed the issue in V1 when loading the PO page would give an error.
  • Fixed an issue where changing a user’s commission code in the user profile would be delayed when creating a Job in V2.
  • Fixed an issue where the default CSR on the Job was not being assigned until an SO was created.


Job Follow-Ups

  • In the Priority tags the colors changed slightly for Rush and Standard so they are easier to read.
  • When changing the follow-up date, users can quickly change the date by selecting the left and right arrows.

Purchase Orders

  • The “Company Name” field is now editable when the Ship To address is custom mode.

V1 Check Run

  • When searching for Purchase Orders and Samples by “Discount Due Date”, all items with a discount due date of ‘today’ and future will show in the list.


  • Fixed the issue when emailing the Job Tracker notes in Syncore, the Sales Rep and CSR were not being shown correctly.
  • Various bug fixes and security updates included.

Product Search

The ASI Product Search now has the option to search for products by “Made in USA” or “Made in
Canada”, depending on your country. It also has the option to search products by “Minority
Owned” for both countries. These options are updated and provided by the ASI database

Proposal to Quote

Converting a Proposal to Quote now allows you to convert as many products as needed. Previously
there was a limit of 6 products that could be converted, this limit has been removed. Select all the
products you need from the Proposal to be created into the Quote.


The Additional Addresses will be displayed as “cards” when viewing in the management
addresses area.

When sending a Purchase Order in Syncore (V2), the Supplier’s name will be shown beside each
PO in step 1.


  • Various bug fixes and security updates included.
  • Fixed the Job Search in Syncore (V2) where searching by the customer order number was not giving the correct results.
  • Fixed the issue where in some timezones the SO Invoice date was being set to the previous day.
  • Fixed the issue where Finance users were unable to edit the Invoice date in Syncore (V2) Sales Orders.
  • Fixed the issue in Syncore (V2) signatures where the phone number extension was missing.
  • Fixed the issue in Job attachments where changes to the attachments was not updating immediately.
  • Fixed an issue in Syncore (V2) Sales Orders where sometimes taxes were showing as negative when it should have been positive.
  • Fixed an issue in V1 where assigning a new Color to a Product was giving an error.


  • Added a new Print Type and Decoration option for In-House Production called “Leather”.


  • Fixed an issue with the AP Month End (step 2) report would sometimes give an error.


Purchase Orders in Syncore (V2) now offer Canned Messages! Management and Admin users can go to Syncore Settings to create Canned Messages that can be used in Purchase Orders.


  • From a Sales Order in Syncore (V2), links are now available to the Packing Slip functionality in V1 for quick and easy access.

Sending the new Shipping Confirmation email in Syncore (V2) will show a copy of the details in the

Sales Order page called “Shipping Details”. This is saves the CSR a step when the Finance user invoices the order. The Finance user will have access to the tracking number(s) to determine Freight/Shipping & Handling charges.


  • The Purchase Order (PO) PDF will now show 4 decimal places in the unit price column.


  • Fixed the issue when the calendar was not showing the “+ more” link correctly when zoomed in.
  • Fixed the Opportunity pipeline when switching between user and company views.
  • Various bug fixes and security updates included.


  • The user impersonation list will open when clicking on the dropdown instead of when hovering over this list. This will prevent the list from opening unintentionally.
  • The side menu for “Vendors” has been updated to “Suppliers”
  • The new Job Follow-ups page now includes the ability to preview archived emails sent from Syncore (V2).
  • From the Contact’s page:
    • The Tools menu now has links to the “A/R Statement” and “Communications” pages in V1.
    • The Reports menu now has a link to the “Client Analysis (Legacy)” report in V1.


  • Fixed an issue when creating a new user profile.
  • Various bug fixes and security updates included.


From the Suspects list (Contacts > Suspects), users will see enabled Suspects by default. At the top of the page is the option to view enabled, disable or all Suspects in the list.


  • The ampersand (&) in Contact company name will show correctly in the subject line when sending Quotes.
  • In the new Follow-ups page, system notes will show in grey font.