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Team SCG Breaks Glass Ceiling, Appoints Shayna Cohen as Next CEO

After 35 years with brothers Barry and David Greenberger at the helm, Team SCG names Shayna Cohen, their next CEO.  

At 29 years old, Shayna will be the youngest CEO in Facilisgroup, and brings a fresh perspective and a modern approach to the role. She takes a collaborative method to leadership and has tremendous pride in the team that surrounds her.  

Since Team SCG is the family business, she was packing boxes as early as she can remember. Shayna formally started working for the company in a sales role over 9 years ago and immediately impacted SCG upon her arrival. She focused on efforts to encourage and support a team of talent. From there, she helped streamline the business with strategic and technologic integrations. These initiatives quickly proved successful and led to quadrupling the company’s size.  

After such proven success, both Barry and David could not be more confident to turn over the reins to Shayna. “She has always led by example, has an incredible work ethic, and continues to amaze us with her use of youth and creativity alongside our longevity and experience.”  – Barry & David Greenberger.  

Those that work closely with Shayna would say her leadership style is that of a true servant leader – collaborative and empowering. She seeks to lead in a way that supports the team and inspires them to work alongside her every day. 

“I could not be more humble or proud to be given this chance to continue the legacy of my family’s business. Without our team and their unwavering dedication to our success, all of this would be meaningless. I especially want to thank my brother who has walked this path beside me every step of the way and without his involvement, I would not have been as successful in our growth efforts” – Shayna Cohen. 

As SCG’s first female CEO, Shayna has a passion for empowering other women with untapped potential and developing them to rise to growth opportunities. She supports breaking barriers and unconventional techniques that will pave the way for future generations of women leaders. Her appointment sends a powerful message to not just our industry, but women across the workforce, as she is undertaking this transition while pregnant. She hopes to continue to prove that women can and should be given equal opportunities to lead and succeed in the business world. It is an exciting time for the company, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact she will continue to have on the organization and its employees.