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Let’s celebrate our CSR rock stars! Making business happen behind the scenes.

CSR of the Year
Christy Workman

Advertising Plus 

“Christy truly goes above and beyond to make sure our office functions like it needs to. I believe she processed over 5,000 orders last year and made sure each and everyone of those delivered to our clients. She also does many other things like answering the phones, helping walk ins, maintaining some accounts, and you can even catch her in the back on the heat press at times if needed. She makes it her mission to provide the best customer service our clients have grown accustomed to. She truly does it all and we are very grateful to have her apart of our team! ”  Mitchell Kiser
Vice President – Advertising Plus Inc. 

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Tena Waner, Western Associates

Jessica Heacox, 3tree Marketing

Kayla Goudy, You Name It Specialties

Here’s what others have to say about our CSR Champs!

Gelo embodies the Green Giftz way, making him an outstanding CSR. His commitment to going above and beyond in serving our customers reflects his profound and positive impact he has on our team. Gelo consistently strives to ensure that every interaction is not just a transaction, but an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in someone’s day.
Cassidey Scarpino, GreenGiftz  

At T.D. Mills, our CSR team is known as “The Stacys”. They are the glue that holds us together and without them, we would surely be lost.  
They work together like a fine oiled machine to ensure the details are correct for each order. If there are problems with an order, they advocate for T.D. Mills with confidence and care to reach a resolution while maintaining respectful business relationships with our clients and supplier partners.  
In addition to that, they bring a wave of positivity into the office that spreads to everyone they meet each day. Thank you, Stacy Habecker and Stacy Fisher for being our exceptional foundation for Customer Service. 
Jill Hahn, T.D. Mills Promotional Products 

Cindy and Lynnette are the CSR Champions at George Andrie and Associates Inc.  Nothing goes to production at a factory without their eyes on it.  They are the glue that keeps a 45 year business moving.  Together they take care our clients and busy sales force.   Our success is driven by the attention to detail that they give to every order. 
Gina Andrie, George Andrie and Associates, Inc. 

She rocks and takes great care of me. 
Jim Palmer, HP2

Sandra is our longest standing CSR and our team leader.  We are so grateful for her commitment to working with the CSR team and making sure that we are all working together to provide the best service possible for our clients. 
Suzy’s work ethic and dedication to our reps and clients is unmatched.  She truly cares about each and every order and goes above and beyond to make sure everybody is happy. 

Nicholas has been a great addition to the team.  He is part of all of our team meetings and his personality and sense of humor fits in perfectly with Jeckil.  His desire to learn and get better every day is what we really love about him. 

Dustin is the newest member of the CSR and Jeckil team and he has fit right in from Day 1.  After only a few months, he has taken on a huge workload and is thriving in his new role.  We are so grateful to have found him. 
Craig Kornblum, Jeckil  

Jane, Cathy, Letisha, and Suzanne are all incredibly supportive of each other and willing to lend a helping hand. They take great pride in our success and their support is felt by everyone – from our clients to our sales team and supplier partners. They truly are a fantastic group of people and we are so lucky to have them on our team! – Jenn Waterston, Promotional Elements Inc 

Brandon is a unicorn! He is that mythical creature that only exists in our imagination. He processes orders, facilitates customer communications, creates art proofs and even assists pre-sale in a sales assistant role. He understands the mission and strives to complete it. He is an amazing talent, and truly one-of-a-kind. He is simply irreplaceable. 

The success I have had since joining YNIS, is largely due to his efforts and dedication to achieve our goals as a team. I would not be where I am today without him. Brandon is a “Superstar” 
Chirs Thompson, You Name It Specialties, Inc. 

Sam’s eagerness to learn and vibrant spirit create an environment where work is both productive and enjoyable. Sam wears her Crocs like a badge of honor, a staple that reflects her playful spirit and unstoppable energy. 
Sam has been such a tremendous help to me. She is responsive, organized and very detail oriented, which is so helpful when I can’t physically be in the office or working locally. I feel extremely confident and assured that my orders are being cared for. 
Nicole Titus, You Name It Specialties, Inc. 

Isabel is a rock-star! She recently assumed the role of the lead CSR on our team, and has taken the newer members of the CSR team under her wing. While herself still a relatively new member to the YNIS team, she is a wealth of knowledge and has graciously and patiently assumed the role of teacher and instructor. Don’t let her quiet demeanor and petite stature fool you, she is a giant when it comes to making sure our client’s orders are delivered on time and produced correctly. She has learned how to interpret my occasional incoherent ramblings in the CSR box and catch my errors. It is refreshing knowing the Isabel has my back. I am confident turning over the production of orders to her, and as hard as it is for me to delegate, that says a lot. Thank you Isabel! 
Josh King, You Name It Specialties, Inc. 

Not only are these amazing folks ensuring the accuracy and on time delivery of orders, all of our CSRs have dual responsibilities to some degree. Michelle is the manager of our CSR department and she also watches supplier trends, both positive and negative, and report that back to our sales team. Marlana has been trained on the product side of the business and she assists with sample orders and product research. Caleb started with us as an accounting assistant and has a knack for analyzing data. And Katie not only is the CSR for all of our eCommerce and Program orders, she also build our PopUp shops and websites.  This team’s ability to cross function in our organization makes them invaluable! We are so proud to have all of them on the EJPPG team. 
Amy McCray, Eskimo Joe’s Promotional Products Group 

Kerri and Suzy are outstanding CSRs! They are professional, thorough, and always have the best interest of our company in mind. They treat our staff, vendors, and customers with respect & courtesy. I can always rest easy knowing these two are watching over my orders – no need to babysit! 
Stephanie Sporbert, HP2 

These ladies take each day with stride, like to have fun, laugh and are hard workers!  We are so blessed to have such an amazing support team at GGP.  Keep up the amazing work ladies and looking forward to watching your crush all of the challenges that come your way. 
Sara Hurtgen, Gator Garb Promotions 

Suzy and Kerri are an amazing team! They are on top of everything all the time. As a new addition to the sales team, they have been pivotal in helping me learn and understand the process, their role in the bigger picture, and how I can assist in making sure everything runs smoothly. They are not only great at their CSR roles, but also just great teammates to work with! 
Melissa Tanberg, HP2 Products & Promotions 

Suzy and Kerri are both sticklers to details, they have saved several of my orders that could have gone south by catching even the slightest error.  
I know that I could not have reached Achiever status in 2023 had it not been for these two.  

Because of their ordering, follow up, and order tracking I was able to accomplish so much more.  They are always cheerful and willing to help in any way. 
Martha Kingdon, HP2 Promotions 

At 3tree, CSR’s are the backbone of a client’s experience being they carry a multitude of key responsibilities.   
Jessica is extraordinary and instrumental to our organization via her talents as well as her personality. There are countless examples of how her attention, support and leadership has led to wins within the organization. I’m fortunate to be her colleague and appreciate all that she does for our team and our 3tree Marketing Company brand. Thank you Jessica! 
Kevin Van Rossum, 3tree Marketing Company 

Diane and Amelia expertly collaborate with their teammates and are always willing to lend a helping hand.  The continously offer valuable insights that enhance the overall success of Pride. Keeping their focus on customer service, they are instrumental in resolving production issues quickly and ensuring client satisfaction! The are so very appreciated for all that they do. 
Sara Baumgartner, Pride Products Distributors 

My CSR’s are dedicated to their jobs and always on top of their workloads.  I truly have an amazing team. 
Pamela Down, Promotional Source 

Today, we gather in the digital realm not to discuss the typical heroes adorned in capes or those who possess an uncanny ability to never take a bad photo. Instead, we shine the spotlight on two unsung heroes of the corporate realm, the legendary Kristie and Vash, whose superpowers include turning chaos into calm, deadlines into accomplishments, and, most notably, transforming the most caffeine-dependent beings into models of efficiency. 

Kristie,  referred to as  “The One Who Actually Reads Instructions,” has an unparalleled ability to decipher client requests that others might compare to ancient hieroglyphics. Her knack for understanding the unspoken needs of our clients has not only saved countless projects from the brink of disaster. 

Vash, known in whispered tones as “The Fixer,” possesses a unique talent for solving problems before they even arise. With a mere glance, she can predict the outcome of a project, often leading us to believe he has a crystal ball hidden somewhere in her desk. Her preternatural calm in the face of tight deadlines has led many to wonder if she’s secretly mastered time travel.  A knack for Karaoke mastery, which she often times is caught doing before a production meeting! 

Together, Kristie and Vash form the backbone of our operations. Their daily dance involves juggling tasks with the grace of seasoned acrobats and the precision of a Swiss watch. They’ve turned our office into a place where laughter is the background music, deadlines are met with smiles rather than tears, and every challenge is met with a “We’ve got this!” attitude. 
Paul Zafarana, Pica Marketing Group 

Megan is the lead CSR on our team and truly keeps our program business humming. She’s our go-to for anything Company store related, keeps our orders and inventory organized and up to date, and is truly a joy to work with. Essentially, if the goal is to reach success, you involve Megan in the process. 
Jess is truly a jack of all trades, and is always willing to help when called on. she consistently brings a high level of ownership as well as positivity and humor.  
Our team would falter without our CSRs – they’re truly at the foundation of what we do and are the reason we can serve our customers so well. We celebrate YOU!
Ashley Schaefer, 14 West LLC 

Our customers love working with Necia.  She sees all of our job through from start to finish!
Katie Kessler, HSA

Michelle is a rockstar! She makes us look good every single day and helps bring so many amazing projects to life. Her work behind the scenes to help our customers receive high quality promo and apparel on time and correctly is so appreciated. We could not do what we do for our customers without Michelle! 
Jake Heaton, AlphaGraphics 

Our CSRs collaborate with the Sales Reps to deliver an exceptional experience to each customer. They consistently go above and beyond their assigned tasks to contribute towards the team’s growth. With a keen eye for detail, they ensure effective communication with clients to ensure seamless processing and on-time delivery of orders. We deeply appreciate the hard work and dedication of our CSR team. 
Jamie Rossiter, Promotional Images 

There is not a harder working CSR who cares more or works harder than Joe at Inkwell.  There have been several times this year that he was personally handling over 500 jobs in WIP while working with several Facilis Achievers plus other sales reps.  He trains all of our CSR’s  He is consistently hitting the Facilis best practice for follow ups, touches, jobs with issues, and all the other metrics. I do not know a person more deserving of recognition than Joe.  He is an invaluable team member to Inkwell. 
Elisa Cohen, Inkwell Global Marketing 

Elrich epitomizes excellence as a CSR for our promotional company. His unwavering dedication to providing top-notch assistance and his innate ability to understand and fulfill customer needs make him truly remarkable. With his empathetic nature and unparalleled communication skills, Elrich ensures that every interaction leaves our team and our customers feeling valued and satisfied. Whether resolving inquiries, offering guidance, or executing promotional strategies, his commitment to excellence shines through, earning him admiration and gratitude from both clients and colleagues alike. Elrich’s passion for helping others coupled with his exceptional professionalism makes him an indispensable asset to our team, consistently delivering exemplary service that exceeds expectations. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for Elrich. 
Olivia Klick, B2B Promotional Group 

With a keen eye for detail and dedication to her role, Rachel is the quintessential problem-solver, ensuring tasks are completed flawlessly. Rachel’s resourcefulness makes her an asset in navigating the ever-changing landscape of our industry. 
I LOVE knowing that once I submit an order I don’t have to worry because I know my CSR Rachel is on it and will stay on top of each and every order I send over. She’s a CSR Rockstar in my book! 
Georgia Wiebe, You Name It Specialties, Inc. 

My CSR. Celeste. The Best! 
Celeste is calm, equipped and so patient with me! She is proactive and is not afraid to come to my desk to talk. She is smart, organized and always brings her best game. She lets me know things in advance and always follows up and does not complain when I make more work for her with my mistakes.
Celeste’s radiant personality shines bright, evident in her exceptional customer service. Her meticulous attention to detail and reliability make her an invaluable member of the CSR team. She brings a sense of unity to the team that truly enhances our work environment. 

I am so blessed to work with her and have her take care of me! I could not do my job without her. 
Tammy Coleman, You Name It Specialties, Inc. 

There are so many great assets and contributions these three ladies bring to the table. To name a few, they are reliable, and with that one outstanding word alone is huge! When you have a reliable team who puts their all into what they do, the company as a whole works so much better. Hard-working, is another great word that sums up this group. Efficient, every step they do is at 100% each and every time! Helpful is another term that showcases our CSR team. They never turn an eye when someone is in need of assistance, even if they are not sure how to answer, they will make sure they find it! To sum up, we have an amazing team and we are fortunate to have them with us at Image Masters! Thank you! 
Miranda Armendariz, Image Masters 

Our CSR’s are the backbone of our entire industry – without them, our whole system falls a part. Kerri is my designated CSR at HP2 and I cannot begin to explain the importance she plays in our company. I am fairly new to this industry and she has been so kind, patient, and wildly helpful from beginning to present. She is responsible, reliable, and such a joy to have in the office. 
Ashley Welch, HP2 Inc 

Suzy and Kerri are amazing CSR’s and amazing people. They are the first in the office and last to leave. They stay on top of all the follow ups and make sure orders are delivered on time. On the occasion that I may make a mistake on the order they catch it! They do all this with a smile. Always a pleasure to be around. I can’t THANK them enough for all the hard work they do. 
Dave Kotfila, HP2 Products & Promotions 

Ben is my son so I might be a little prejudice but he is the best CSR and Finance person I could ever ask for. He is always looking for processes to make us as efficient as possible. He makes sure everything is always filled up correctly so our orders move through smoothly. He makes Charlie and I look like amazing and we could not do our business without out him. He is our hero. 

George comes to work every day and pours her heart and soul into every project that hits her deck. She works beyond the 9-5 call of duty and does so with a smile on her face. We receive the most positive feedback on survey responses, calling out Georgia’s amazing attention to detail and unrivaled commitment to ensuring perfection is delivered on every order possible. 
Jeremy Brick, Creative Promotional Products 

Agnes and Jen are the backbone of our entire operation!  Agnes manages all of our orders from “submitted” to “in transit”, while Jen receives our orders, quality checks them and delivers to our client.  As a team they create an unparalleled success rate for order accuracy, while finding and executing cost savings initiatives.  They are both delightful people, and contribute to a healthy and positive work environment.  When we are swamped, they hold things together, and deliver accurately.  They are amazing! 
Ward Campanelli, Echo Promotions 

We LOVE our CSRs and would be lost without them and appreciate EVERYTHING they do for us! 

They are all fun, energetic, smart, professional, genuine, authentic, and great individuals who take pride in their work and creating relationships with their sales reps, vendors, and customers.

Anna Ruska, Artina Promotional Products 

When we recruit at GACO for the ‘CSR’ role, we have used the title ‘Order Management Specialist’ We feel this is the most descriptive for the daily workflow that these valuable team members manage, and Eliza and Sarah are fantastic in this role!  They are both very detail oriented, thorough in their work, and passionate about the success of GACO.  Our sales team feels confident that once they submit a job to Facilis/@ease, that they can keep selling new jobs, while the ‘CSR’ team will complete the job process, and ensure client satisfaction! 

Thank you to all our CSR Champions! 

Thank you to all our CSR Champions!