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500 hours for a better world

The world has a need for kind words and kinder actions, and through our charitable giving program Facilis Cares, we’re going to put 500 hours of good out into the world by May 2023. Through a partnership with United Way, we’re identifying more opportunities to volunteer, and we’re excited about what our community can accomplish together!  

Park Cleanup!

On May 12 we had a special Facilis Cares Day that spanned multiple countries. 40 volunteers between the U.S. and Canada cleaned up local parks just in time for summer. Water Tower Park in St. Louis and Shefford Sports Park in Ottawa looked amazing afterward. It was worth the sweat we built up!  

Progress towards goal: 120 hours  

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How Facilis Cares

Standing with Ukraine

Our community raised over $30,000 to help the people of Ukraine. Special thanks to alphabroder, Cap America, and Next Level for supplying the decorated t-shirts and caps we sold on a fundraising Commercio PopUpShop! The money went towards World Central Kitchen and the National Bank of Ukraine for hot meals, shelter, and other essentials. We proved that we’re stronger together! You can read our press release here.  

Dress Down for Charity!

The best excuse to wear sweatpants ever! For $5 a day our team could Dress Down for Charity in May for Mental Health Awareness Month. We ended up raising $$$$ for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Many people chose to donate more and rocked their new business casual outfits. It was a cozy, charitable month!