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Preparing your new hires for the promo industry.

Hiring top talent is challenging enough. Onboarding, and teaching them the ins and outs of the promo industry can take months of your valuable time.

That’s where Amplifi comes in!

Equip your new hires with the knowledge they need to thrive with the ultimate online intro to promotional products.
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Comprehensive sales training designed to get new reps up to speed fast and confidently selling.
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PromoIntro: The ultimate online intro to promotional products.

New hires gain access to knowledge designed to be IMMEDIATELY applicable – empowering them to make informed decisions and contribute to the success of your company from day one!

Packed with essential industry content

  • Supply Chain Synergy
  • Pricing Precision
  • Sample Savviness
  • Decorating Techniques
  • What’s Beyond the Product

Equip your new hires with the knowledge needed to THRIVE in the promo industry.

$129 Per Person

PromoLaunch: Comprehensive sales training for the promo industry.

  • Get new sales reps up to speed FAST.
  • Teaches selling techniques designed to GROW your business.
  • Takes the training process off your plate at a fraction of the cost.

Training designed to maximize your team’s potential while delivering undeniable results.

$1,499 Per Person