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Supplier Spotlight: Starline

Starline continues to innovate through their use of technology, personalization capabilities and commitment to safety and sustainability throughout their product offerings. Their creativity and forward-thinking has kept them on top of trends and relevant in today’s ever-changing world.

Starline prides themselves on their strong commitment to technology. As Starline put it, “We often say we are a technology company in the business of selling promotional products.” From existing integrations with Facilisgroup technology, to their robust web tools, Starline takes technology to the next level. Starline’s virtual Idea Book has revolutionized how distributors go to market. The custom flip book digital presentation, complete with logos, hi-res visuals and product information, takes just minutes to complete on Starline’s website.

They have also made a huge commitment to safety and sustainability by pioneering the lead-free construction of vacuum tumblers. This year, Starline announced they were replacing the traditional glass-encased lead bead used to seal vacuum drinkware found across the board with an eco-friendly, lead-free sealing process. Starline also maintains a vast health and safety category, including PPE items useful in mitigating the spread of COVID-19, like ASNI certified face shields and safety glasses.

While Starline has been known for quality promotional products, it’s the advancement of digital printing technology that has allowed them to make the biggest impact. Digital decoration, in the form of laser and four color process printing, allows Starline to be a major player in one of today’s hottest trends: personalization. The pandemic has contributed to a rise in the demand for personalization, with many consumers not wanting to risk cross contamination. Starline’s ability to inexpensively add individuals’ names to products, has lead to an influx of personalization orders.

Starline’s introduction of the digital Idea Book, dedication to sustainable materials and ability to personalize a variety of products sets them apart. Through their emphasis on technology, quality and safety, Starline has shown both resilience and commitment to excellence.