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Let us help you grow.

What could you do with better technology, training resources, a community of industry peers, and increased buying power? Think about that for a moment…

Facilisgroup gives you the power to unleash the potential within all facets of your organization. As a Facilisgroup distributor member you’ll reap the benefits of a streamlined, all-in-one software, training resources to help you onboard your current and incoming team members, and a community of like-minded promotional product professionals. At Facilisgroup we are wildly passionate about growth, and we want to help you grow your business to new heights.

Reap the benefits of a streamlined, all-in-one system

The Syncore business management system combines:

  • Essential cloud-based technology
  • All of your tools into one integrated, easy-to-use software system
  • Designed specifically for promotional product distributors like you!

Are you ready to double, or even triple your sales?

When the industry was declining on average 20%, Facilisgroup and our distributor members processed more than $1 billion in sales through our Syncore software. That’s an 8% growth for 2020. Check out the full article from ASI.

Need Proof

We get it – we’re data people too, so here’s a quick hitting case study.

Brand Makers  joined as a Facilisgroup distributor member in 2012 with $7.3mm in sales and three top producing sales reps selling $1 million or more per year. In 2019, Brand Makers reported its annual sales at $22.6mm and had ten, million-dollar sales reps on staff. They have averaged 18% growth year-over-year as a Facilisgroup distributor member.  Brand Maker’s growth has been completely organic as well, no acquisitions! Brand Makers even hires from outside the industry and has relied on Facilisgroup to help grow and scale not only their team but their entire business.

“Facilisgroup is a game changer! We are deeply grateful for the technology, support, resources and community we gain by being a Facilis distributor member.” 
– James Greaves, CEO, Brand Makers

Cost holding you back?

We understand upgrading your technology isn’t cheap. While it may be an investment, Facilisgroup is committed to you seeing a return on that investment. We have teams dedicated to training and resources to support you every step of the way, from implementation and beyond.  If you’re in the U.S.A, you may even be able to offset your costs with a PPP loan. For our Canadian friends, while CEBA may not directly cover software costs like the PPP loans do, you can get strategic and offset others costs so you can still grow your business when YOU need it most. Have questions? REQUEST A DEMO.

“In 7 years, our business grew by 340%” 
– Peter Bunker, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Shads

“We’ve grown our sales by over $1.5M without adding a salesperson.” 
– Tim O’Neill, President/CEO, Image Masters

Facilisgroup is such a powerful tool, it can even help you recruit and maintain the best talent!

Our distributor members love our software and know the value, so much that they’ve even used it as a recruitment tactic! Check out this recruiting video that one of our current members uses to secure the best and brightest Promo talent.