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Preparing your new hires for the promo Industry

Hiring top talent is challenging enough. Onboarding and teaching your new hires the ins and outs of the promo industry can take up hours of your valuable time. Let PromoIntro take that off your plate!

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Understanding the basics of promo 

PromoIntro is designed for those first starting out in promotional products. This course’s comprehensive content introduces the foundational knowledge needed to thrive in the industry. Your employees will walk away with the industry knowledge they need to be successful, including:

  • How different areas of the supply chain work together 
  • The nuances and factors that determine how promotional products are priced 
  • The different types of product samples and how to best utilize them 
  • Different decorating techniques used for hard and soft goods 
  • What other outside factors may impact the promo industry beyond the product 

As I began to onboard new team members to our organization, I was introduced to PromoIntro. I found that the program offered the perfect amount of detail that appropriately navigated all aspects of the industry without going too far into the weeds. PromoIntro is now a part of my onboarding package for all of our new team members.”

Nick Raible, Sales Manager

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