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$2499 USD
Next course begins July 13, 2022

The ThreeSixty program is the industry’s leading online, interactive learning course designed to take any sales rep to the next level. Participants in ThreeSixty see an overall average growth of 54% in sales.

  • Biweekly virtual meetings hosted by the industry’s leading sales coach, Alina Rubinshteyn, and the rest of the Amplifi team.
  • Sales tools and training with assignments you can apply right away!
  • You’ll learn how to best organize your time and develop a plan with strategies to maximize your growth.
  • You will work within a group of your peers to share resources, tactics, wins and losses, and help make one another stronger through shared knowledge.
  • Each participating rep’s manager will receive regular updates to help stay informed of the rep’s progress throughout the program.

ThreeSixty Highlights

  • Leading Sales Reps to success since 2017
  • Participants have achieved 54% overall average growth
  • In 2021, over 41 achievers (reps that sold over $1M) are ThreeSixty alumni
  • Time management – building the right habits
  • Developing goals, prospecting, and getting in sync with Syncore
  • Focusing time on top growth opportunity accounts
  • Developing a systematic approach on the new business development process and effective customer relationship management
  • Building and bolstering sales weapons
  • Leveraging supplier resources


Here’s what others have to say about ThreeSixty:

“I have been in the industry for about 7 years and was having a hard time getting to the other side of $800k.  The ThreeSixty program allowed me to break all of my processes down, analyze, refine, and apply them.  It was exactly what I needed!  Kudos to Facilis and the team that drives the ThreeSixty program! This program changed my career trajectory. The instructors are absolutely remarkable in their leadership and example.  I have truly enjoyed getting to know them and soak up all the wisdom I can.  Looking forward to a challenging year with some new tools in my belt.”
Nick Riable, Brandito
ThreeSixty Growth 128%

“The course exceeded my expectations. I thought there would be much more coursework and was worried about it being a huge time commitment. However, it was more about applying the tools learned.”
Caroline Swank, Eskimo Joe’s Promotional Products Group, Inc.

“I was in class with people that had been in the industry for 10 years. For me, it was very helpful to hear about their experiences and what had worked from them previously and what’s working for them now. I wouldn’t have made those connections if it wasn’t for ThreeSixty.”
Kevin Righi, Centricity
ThreeSixty Growth $900k
(Year 1)