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Supplier Spotlight: Spector & Co.

Since 1992, Spector & Co. has grown from a small business to one of the most well-know promotional product suppliers in the industry. Many things have changed at the company over the years, but Spector & Co.’s philosophy hasn’t. The “Co.” in Spector & Co. stands for colleagues and collaboration, the backbone of the company’s culture, and one of the many attributes that has made the company a great partner for Facilisgroup over the years.

Over the past seven months, Spector & Co. has been busy trying to do what every other industry supplier has been doing during these unprecedented times – think of new and exciting ways to do business from home. From the comfort of their homes, the Spector & Co. team launched a brand-new, innovative product line. Introducing Scribl, 100% made in North America, these FSC-Certified and Prop 65 compliant customizable books are the perfect solution for whatever vision your clients have.

Scribl books comes in four sizes ranging from 4″x 6″ to 7″x 9″. Available in perfect bound or centre stitch, with stitching color options that match other Spector & Co. products, Scribl books are designed with bundling in mind. The books have three eco-conscious paper options, smooth, textured and kraft, made with a minimum of 50% recycled material. In addition, Scribl books are customizable with one of three types of lamination and paper styles. Print additions, available at a small extra cost, include two-sided printed covers, tip-in pages with multiple location options, and a variety of ways to personalize. Add a belly band or pen loop to finish the look. Last, but certainly not least, perfect bound Scribl books are compatible with NFC technology to combine both virtual and tangible elements into an enriching user experience.

If that wasn’t enough to sell you on Spector & Co.’s unique and totally customizable new product line, Scribl books have a 100 unit minimum for most styles, no set-up fees for the books and an 8-10 day turnaround time. Head over to the interactive Scribl site to immerse yourself in the Scribl experience and all that it has to offer, including the restaurant-inspired options menu, 360° viewing tool and per-unit price calculator.

Spector & Co. has shown innovation and dedication to quality with the introduction of Scribl, especially during these unprecedented times. From start to finish, the Scribl process is designed with efficiency, ease and experience in mind and presented in a way that your clients and end users are sure to love.