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Facilisgroup Joins Forces with Leading Education Provider LiV2

Collaboration combines top-notch sales training with technology, accountability

Facilisgroup, a leading software-as-a-service company and partnering platform within the promotional products industry, continues its dedication to industry innovation and community with the announcement of its new alliance with leading industry professional development provider, LiV2.

The collaboration provides a perfect synergy between the best-in-class sales training of LiV2, with the leading technology of Facilisgroup, providing users with the accountability and metric-based proof that the education and training received is working effectively. The addition of the LiV2 training system will mark an expansion and evolution of the already successful Facilis University education platform, providing the most comprehensive collection of continued professional development available within the promotional products industry. Through the arrangement, LiV2 Co-founders Scott Anderson and Alina Rubinshteyn have joined the Facilisgroup team to continue the shared vision of bringing professional development to the forefront of the industry.

“Facilisgroup and LiV2 share mutual ideals and beliefs on how a dynamic professional development program can really take this industry to the next level,” said Ashley McCune, President of Facilisgroup. “Bringing Scott and Alina into the Facilisgroup family allows us the opportunity to continue our evolution by making professional development a core competency of Facilisgroup. This additional focus dramatically increases the value and benefits we bring to our partners.”

With over 40 years of combined promotional product industry, the St. Louis-based LiV2 team sees the arrangement with Facilisgroup as the culmination of the original vision behind their organization.

“We’ve always envisioned some sort of strategic alliance within the industry, and Facilisgroup has always been at the top of our list,” said Scott Anderson, Co-founder of LiV2. “They’ve been highly supportive of us from day one, and the combination of their people, culture, and shared view of the opportunity for education within the industry makes this relationship so very special. Facilisgroup invests in their people and their partners, so to sit alongside Ashley and her team to help do that is such an exciting opportunity.”

“Facilisgroup aligns with our goal of raising the bar in the industry, from an educational standpoint,” added LiV2 Co-founder Alina Rubinshteyn. “Together we can provide that secret sauce: accountability. In sales training of the past, people may be excited after a webinar or seminar, but oftentimes nothing happens. With the Facilisgroup technology involved, the proof is there; accountability is key.”

While originally an added benefit for current Facilisgroup partners, the evolution of the platform will provide a way to help build excitement for those newer to the promotional product industry.

“This is truly an instance where 1+1=3. The alignment of training and technology will be a vital piece in helping younger individuals develop a love and passion for our industry, and we couldn’t be more excited,” added McCune.

About Facilisgroup

Facilisgroup is dedicated to delivering business growth for supplier and distributor partners by focusing on three distinct principles: community, technology, and supply chain. Facilisgroup has become the market-leading business platform and technology services provider, leveraging industry expertise and technology to deliver significantly increased sales and reduced operating expenses while maintaining their partners’ individual brand identities. Facilisgroup is headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with offices in Ottawa, Canada.