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Facilisgroup Opens New Ecommerce Solution, Commercio, to a Wider Audience

Online store platform marks tech provider’s first industry-wide solution in its 16-year history

Facilisgroup has introduced Commercio, a new online stores solution for promo distributors.

“We’re excited about how Commercio solves the ecommerce challenges in our industry,” said Facilisgroup President Ashley McCune. “With user-friendly stores, distributors of any size can take advantage of opportunities that they normally wouldn’t have the staff or budget to handle.”

Commercio has two store options: Pop-Up Stores and Company Stores. Pop-Up Stores let distributors quickly create a storefront for temporary needs, like order collections, redemption sites, or fundraising. Distributors needing a full-service ecommerce site can start a Company Store for their clients.

With the option to use professional templates or customize their store, distributors can create a site that works best for their clients. On the backend, they save time through a user-friendly setup, regardless of previous experience with web stores. Both have flat fees with no hidden charges: $200 monthly for up to 10 live Pop-Up Stores, and $99 monthly per Company Store.

“With our experience building tech for the promo world, Commercio is going to transform distributors’ approach to ecommerce,” said Vice President of Commercio, Tanner Hobin. “There’s so much potential for growth in this space, and we’re here to make the process easy with Commercio.”

See how Commercio helps distributors grow: