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Acquisition News: Exciting Updates for 2 Facilisgroup Partners

Stran & Company acquired GAP Promotions in an asset purchase transaction that is expected to close during the first quarter of 2022. These two dynamite organizations have a deep-rooted respect for one another and a great deal of complementary strengths, which allows them to come together in a mutually beneficial way.

As happy as we are by this development, it’s made even more exhilarating by the fact that Facilis Connect nurtured this acquisition. We started Facilis Connect to address the need in our community for a service dedicated to assisting merger and acquisition opportunities for our partners.

M&A between the Facilisgroup community has a distinct set of advantages. Facilisgroup’s experience in the M&A space positions us to provide much needed guidance and a point of connection between those looking to buy and those looking to sell. Cultural fit plays an even bigger role, however:

“The key to any successful acquisition is the two firms being a cultural fit,” said Matthew Lamb, EVP of Research and Development with Facilisgroup. “Stran and GAP are two special companies with amazing people, so it was natural to connect them in discussions to ensure Gayle had full assurance the business she built would continue to thrive within the remarkable business Stran has built.”

Facilisgroup partners have a unique opportunity to acquire each other with built-in synergies around systems, structure, and best practices.

-Matthew Lamb, EVG of Research and Development with Facilisgroup

Stran CEO Andy Shape said that “we are excited to build upon [GAP’s] success and believe that through our combined offerings we can provide an even more compelling and comprehensive service offering for our customers.”

There is plenty of excitement to go around. GAP founder and president Gayle Piraino expressed her enthusiasm for the change and said “Stran’s focus on providing comprehensive solutions for their customers will help our team to become even more valuable to our current customers.”

We are excited to see our partners entering a new stage of growth brought on by the infinite possibilities of mergers and acquisitions.

“Wherever our distributor partners are at in their entrepreneurial journey, Facilisgroup wants to be there to help,” said David Rehg, Senior VP of Business Operations with Facilisgroup. “If they’re looking to grow through acquisition, Facilis Connect is there to lend a hand. If there’s a desire to exit, we can assist at that stage as well.”

Having a partner to call can’t be underestimated when approaching such a complicated topic like M&A. With Facilis Connect, we help partners realize their visions for the future, but with less headaches along the way.