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Facilisgroup’s Top Executives Event: Fostering Collaboration and Growth 

St. Louis, MO – May 22, 2024 — Facilisgroup, a leading software-as-a-service company and partnering community within the promotional products industry, recently hosted its recurrent Top Executives event at its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The in-person gathering provided a platform for Facilisgroup community members to collaborate, share experiences, and advance their expertise, fostering growth and mutual learning opportunities.  

Facilisgroup Distributor Partner and founder of HDS Marketing, Howard Schwartz, emphasized the value of the community aspect. “I’ve grown up within this community and I thrive on these interactions. This is really the most important thing for me about the software and why I’m a member of Facilisgroup. It’s the community that I really learn from,” said Schwartz. “I’m going to learn from like-minded executives who have similar companies who understand the same pitfalls and successes that we’re going to experience together.” 

Over the course of two days, Facilisgroup Distributor Partners came together with Facilisgroup leadership and Preferred Suppliers, including Cap America and alphabroder, to share open dialogue and exchange perspectives relative to the promotional products industry. 

Tom Spoltman, Vice President of Strategic Sales for alphabroder, highlighted the event’s role in enhancing distributor-supplier relationships. “The event brings distributors and suppliers together in one location. Distributors share what’s important to them, and suppliers share what’s important to us,” said Spoltman. “Listening to our top customers throughout North America and understanding how the business is changing and evolving not only yearly but sometimes quarterly or monthly has been very valuable. Taking that feedback back to our leadership teams to adjust how we go to market has been invaluable.” 

Session topics ranged from company culture and employee retention to sales strategy and finance procedures.  Notably, insightful Distributor Partner-led presentations offered attendees the opportunity to learn relevant industry best-practices and strategies firsthand from their peers.   

Ernie Foutch, Facilisgroup Distributor Partner and President of Custom Logos, emphasized the importance of finding successful, like-minded businesspeople who are willing to share their stories and methods. “The goal is always the same, but the journey to get to those places is so different,” said Foutch. “From our perspective as business owners, we look at Facilisgroup — they have a very solid plan and are working really hard to make sure that we can succeed in the marketplace.” 

To cap off the event, attendees enjoyed an opportunity to socialize and network during an evening event at Busch Stadium, where they enjoyed a St. Louis Cardinals game. 

“A huge thanks to Facilisgroup for putting this on — they do a great job,” said Foutch.