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The surprising way the BEST companies approach professional development.

Watch the video to find out how leading companies view career development.

There’s more on the line than you think. 21% of respondents say that a lack of professional development opportunities is a reason to quit. But when you invest in people, they invest back.

Amplifi your growth

We handle your onboarding and professional development with the same attention to detail you would—if you had the time.


Comprehensive training for new sales reps. Led by one of the top industry experts on Professional Development, Alina Rubinshteyn, Electrifi jumpstarts new-to-sales and new-to-industry reps to reach remarkable heights in record time.
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Explosive sales growth for intermediate sales reps. The ThreeSixty program is the industry’s leading online, interactive learning course designed to take any sales rep to the next level. Participants in ThreeSixty see an overall average growth of 48% in sales.
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Comprehensive sales training for the promo industry. Comprehensive sales training designed to get new reps up to speed fast and confidently selling.
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The ultimate online intro to promotional products. Equip your new hires with the knowledge they need to thrive with the ultimate online intro to promotional products.
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Free training resources: Ask Amplifi

Our Ask Amplifi series tackles your burning questions. Ask us anything about sales or managing a team! Watch previous videos and find helpful resources HERE.

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